The Spatial Epidemiology Lab (SpatialEpi) is a medical geography and disease ecology research group based at the University of Queensland

Who is the SpatialEpiLab?
The SpatialEpiLab is a One Health medical geography research group based at the School of Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland, Australia, headed by Professor Ricardo Soares Magalhães. With a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, we have broad expertise in health sciences, mathematical modelling, social sciences, ecology and epidemiology.

What research is carried out at the SpatialEpiLab?
Research at the SpatialEpiLab lies at the interface between animal and human public health and aims to inform disease control policy by identifying major determinants of the geographical distributions of infections and their associated morbidities. We work with a range of international partners to blend our multidisciplinary expertise and deliver in-depth investigations for many important pathogens around the world.

Our work is routinely published in high impact peer reviewed journals in the international literature (our most recent publications are shown below, see our full list of publications here). Most of the risk-maps and analytical tools derived from our research are available to other researchers and disease control programme managers.

What are our areas of expertise?
Please navigate the content on these pages to access more information about the studies that we are currently involved in and some of the outputs we are producing. If you are interested in our work and would like to discuss potential projects, please see our research opportunities and our contact details. We also readily welcome visitors to our lab, especially for our weekly lab chats, so let us know if you’re keen for a visit.

Some of our most recent publications
Title Journal Authors
Modelling Nonlinear Responses of a Desert Rodent Species to Environmental Change with Hierarchical Dynamic Generalized Additive Models Ecological Modelling K Karunarathna, K Wells, NJ Clark
The Influence of Environment on Mosquito Feeding Patterns: a Meta-Analysis of ’universal’dna Diet Studies in a Global Context M Lee, NJ Clark, TU Webster, et al
The Influence of Environment on Mosquito Feeding Patterns: a Meta-Analysis of” Universal” Dna Diet Studies in a Global Context Biorxiv R ORorke, M Lee, NJ Clark, et al
Prevalence of Pathogens Important to Human and Companion Animal Health in an Urban Unowned Cat Population Wildlife Research T Michaelian, L Harriott, M Gentle, et al